Su En Neo

Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management

Personal Trainer

Cert. Fascial Stretch Therapist

Cert. Can-Fit Pro

Suspension Trainer (TRX)

Su En has a passion for fitness and health and believes in a holistic approach to life. From a young age she was involved in many different sports doing 10-15k runs, 2.5k swims, biathlons, air rifle competitions and touch rugby competitions. She has been a competitive rock climber and boulderer in international competitions well into her adult years. She trained on the Singapore National Team as well as the True North Bouldering team. Most recently she has developed a passion for mountain biking. She believes in being active for life and pushing herself to the limit.


Su En has been in the fitness and health industry internationally for over 8 years and worked with people of vastly different backgrounds from all over the world ranging from kids as young as 5 to seniors as old as 72. 


Su En has instructed kids and adults in rock climbing for 6 years in Singapore and Indonesia. She has also taken kids and grown ups in team building, confidence building, leadership skills and bonding camps during those years in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Su En worked in various settings including a sports medicine centre for rehabilitation, weight management, fitness testing (VO2max) and organizing athletes' forums. Furthermore, she worked closely with physiotherapists and sports doctors. She has experienced working in an international country club gym and a health and wellness centre and trained people in high-tech and advanced vibration plate training. Most recently, Su En has worked at Goodlife for a wonderful 3 enriching years as a Personal Trainer and Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.